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Parkinson’s in REAL Time with Steve McCoy for 8-16-16

August 17, 2016

Here's another podcast for Parkinson's patients and their care givers and families. On this show, I feature Michael J. Fox's up on stage with COLDPLAY  for  a "Back to the future" remembrance of JOHNNY B. GOODE...Also, I have two special guest on the podcast today...First guest is a friend in Boston named Chad Moir. Whats great about Chad is that he doesn't have P.D. but he spends almost all of his spare time (when he's not in college classes) managing his dopa-fit site ( A FREE exercise site for PD patients)

 Also Chad will tell us all, about an amazing stat about Parkinson's and fire fighters, and the numbers of firemen and women who have been diagnosed with PD after years of fighting fires in their cities...He's trying to pass legislation in Mass. to get firefighters some retirement benefits.

 Then meet my newest friend here in ATLANTA,  Bruce Gilbert, a song writer and musician for  more years than he cares to tell us. Bruce writes and performs all over Atlanta, and the country until 2005 brought him the diagnoses of P.D. 

In 2015 he had DBS surgery, and talks about why and what he can now do post surgery. Its amazing! As always, shoot me an email  at  stevemccoy2010@gmail.com...follow me on FB at stevemccoy, and on twitter at stevemccoyradio