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Welcome to “PARKINSON’S in REAL time” with Steve McCoy…please follow us so you will know when the next one is ready for you

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February 25, 2016

Here's show #1 PARKINSON'S in REAL time. 
DR. JAY ALBERTS will be in the "house" making the "calls" 
( get it, "House Calls") plus Dr Alberts ( Cleveland clinic) has pioneered research in cycling and p.d. WAIT TO HEAR THE RESULTS.

He'll be answering YOUR questions about p.d. in our ASK THE DOC SEGMENT. 
ALSO I will ask DR. Jay about, and the medical affects of Marijuana oils. 
Plus you'll hear about a real gladiator for PD, Larry Kahn and the Pres. & CEO director of the Parkinson's Action Network: Ted Thompson.

Enjoy,and send me your questions for the next podcast